Brad Grusnick

Writer. Actor. Silly Person.


Brad Grusnick stole the lead in his first grade play because he was “the loud kid” and has been acting ever since.  Due to the odd structure of the Northwestern University School of Speech, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Theatre in 2001.  Though he tells people he is a Theatre Scientist, they can still sniff out the B.S.  After college he went through The Second City Conservatory and Second City Writing Programs in Chicago, where he met some very silly people who liked to do Improv.  In addition to doing several shows at The Second City Training Center, he was in “The Fling,” a member team at The Playground Improv Theater.  As a member of The Fling he helped co-create the stage show and podcast Mohansen High School. 

Love of doing silly voices has benefited him greatly, doing voiceover commercials for Hyundai, Nintendo, Target, Taco Bell, Subway, Honda, Chevron, Sears, Hallmark, McDonald’s and many others.  He has voiced characters for several video games, including Days Gone, Paragon, Tales from Borderlands, The Devil's Third, Bioshock Infinite, God of War: Ascension, Guardians of Middle Earth, Elder Scrolls:V Skyrim, Resistance: Burning Skies, Crysis, Crackdown 2, and Asura’s Wrath.  He was "Mayor Moose" and "Lou Behr" in the Amazon Animated Pilot, Bear in Underwear, and has a recurring role in an as of yet unreleased project from Dreamworks Animation.

Brad is also a member of the sketch comedy juggernaut, Dry Hump Comedy.  He has written, animated, and performed in several of their web videos and live shows. All of the brilliant work can be seen on the YouTubes. Subscribe to our channel!

Because he has so much time on his hands, Brad has also written and independently published two novels.  THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF ERNIE POLITICS and THE LAST DANCE OF LOW SEWARD are detective stories about a homeless man navigating the underbelly of Los Angeles.  He also has the first drafts of four other novels sitting on his bookshelf waiting patiently to be revised to the point anyone might want to read them. BUY THEM HERE!

He is a native of Wausau, Wisconsin, will always call Chicago home, and currently lives in Los Angeles.